5 Point Checklist to stay motivated when you feel like giving up

Sometimes we find it difficult to stay motivated, especially when things seem to be out of control.

Just remember, it takes some effort to get from where you are now to where yo want to be, and there will be obstacles showing up on our path to achieve your goal.

We all know that to stay motivated is a lot harder than simply starting something, especially when you don’t have a clear goal, or difficult to achieve. Add to that, there will always be many surprises that can set you back and make you just want to give it all up and doubt your motivation, or even your goals.

You will probably start to ask yourself; Do I really have to do this? Is it worth it? How bad do I really want it?
Once you start asking yourself those type of questions, you begin to lose the excitement you once had when you first started whatever you are after, burn out and and call it quits.

You might be wondering though, why some people seem to be able to successfully reach their goals while others quit before they even finish their fist step? The answer to that lies in the motivation that keeps them going. It all starts from within, is guarded by clear goals and ambitions, hence causes them to feel those amazing feelings that go along with them enjoying the journey to reach their goals.

The good news is that you can get back on track easily and stay motivated  if you could just follow few steps and take few minutes to go through a simple checklist.

But before we jump into any practical strategies to keep you highly motivated to get whatever you are going after, there is one thing yo need to remember: We live in a physical world and we must obey its laws. The one we need to pay attention to here is Time. Give it time and don’t rush it. Enjoy every second of your trip to reaching your success and I can guarantee you a wonderful journey and a happy ending.

So, buckle up and lets start going through the points checklist. It is designed to help you sustain your motivation level until you get what you want:

1- Do you have a burning desire to go after what you want?

We all have one thing in common despite our differences. A desire to be successful. Now, success and what it means differs from one person to another. Whatever it means to you, you need a burning desire to achieve it. Burning desire doesn’t mean what you wish and not what you want. Burning desire is something that it is a MUST for you and there is no replacement for it.
If your goals are not a must for you, the moment you face a hurdle and feel frustrated, you will give up fast. However, if your goals are must for you, you will find yourself doing whatever it takes to achieve it.  That was your first step to stay motivated, keep reading…

2- Do you have written realistic and attainable goals?

You’ve probably heard this before, Write your goals down. If they’re not written down, they’re just wishes and dreams. As soon as life gets busy, we tend to gradually forget and ignore those planes and all the promises we made to ourselves if they are just in our minds.
Putting things in writing and in a place where you can see it will remind you of all the progress that you’ve made and the “Why” you are after.
Set your goals according to what matters to you the most, prioritize, and have a plan that will help you follow through. Identify what you want and put it in writing and be as clear and specific as possible. Use something you can measure and at the same time you can feel. Once you write your goals down, keep the somewhere where you can see them all the time, read it often and take an action towards it every single day.

3- Do one thing a day.

Accomplishing a goal gives you a reason to stay motivated and to keep going on the path you are on. But the biggest reason most people lose motivation is because they set goals that are way too big to comprehend. The trick to staying motivated and positive is by breaking your goals down into smaller, bite-sized pieces and more achievable goals that all add up to the final goal, which in return will help you stay motivated and positive throughout the process. By doing it this way, you will have a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you are one step closer to stay motivated and to achieve your goal.

4- Are you holding yourself accountable?

When you hold yourself accountable, you will start seeing things happen as your brain miraculously will look for ways to help you achieve your goals. The reason behind that is you will have a feeling of fear that you will lose something. Ask your spouse or a friend to check on your progress towards achieving your goals. Promise that you will pay them …say $500 or whatever amount “make it big) if you don’t achieve a certain goal. I promise that will keep stay motivated.

5- Are you fighting your excuses?

Our mind will start find all different kind of excuses once we start heading toward achieving our goals. It thinks that it’s protecting you, it doesn’t want you to get out of your comfort zone, you’re safe where you are (that’s what it’s trying to make you believe). You will suddenly find yourself coming up with excuses like: I’m tired, it can wait, there is no gain from what I’m doing…etc.
Don’t let that happen! Catch yourself saying it, or even better before you say it and stop it right there and instead tell yourself that it is all in my mind and nothing more …I can still do it and I will.

There you have it! Finally as a reminder, whatever you do, make sure your most important work gets done each day.

In the comments below, let me know:
What is the biggest excuse you have that is stopping you from achieving your goal? And what can you do to overcome it?

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